Leadership Team

Hello, we’re glad you’re here.

B&A’s leadership is made up of unique individuals that bring different perspectives and the best of their backgrounds to deliver exceptional service to our clients and partners. They value transparency, recognize good work, challenge industry norms and keep their doors open for ideas that evolve the firm. Get to know the team below:

Allan E. Bulley, Jr. Executive Chairman BS, Brown University
Allan E. Bulley, III Chairman & Chief Executive Officer MBA, Northwestern University
Michael Cottick Project Director BS: Purdue University
Scott Lappe Division Leader BS; University of Oklahoma Shannon Burke Division Leader | Corporate, Commercial & Restoration MS; The University of Michigan Ryan Stetler Vice President BS, Purdue University Brendan Keane Project Director BS, Northwestern University Blake MacGregor Director of Project Development & Preconstruction BS, Arizona State University Joshua Freedland Director of Historic Preservation MA, Historic Preservation, University of Pennsylvania
Scott Wilson Residential Maintenance Director BS, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Sloan Watson Vice President, Marketing BA; University of Dayton Kirstin Starkey Vice President, Human Resources BS, Michigan State University Stephen Mosz Accounting Director BS, St. Xavier University Greg Marquez Vice President, Safety & Risk Management BS, Northern Illinois University Joseph Koppers Vice President & Director of Field Operations Prairie State College Dana Erdman Vice President, Technology & Innovation BA, Lees McRae College Raymond Wojkovich Vice President & Director | Healthcare Operations BS, North Carolina State University Don Redar Vice President | BACR Michael Lemmons Vice President | Institutional BS, Purdue University Peter Kuhn Vice President | Educational BS, Ferris State University William Kroeger Vice President, Hospitality | Financial Northern Illinois University Rick Juneau President, Residential + Restoration BS, Purdue University David Linden Executive Vice President BS, Northwestern University
Michael Sudol Chief Financial Officer MBA, Loyola University
Timothy C. Puntillo Chief Operating Officer MBA, Northwestern University Patrick Healy Vice President, Business Development MS, Georgia Institute of Technology Mark Evans President BS; Loyola University