Scott Lappe

Division Leader

Scott Lappe

Scott is a division leader for B&A’s healthcare group and considers himself an “early riser.” His enthusiasm for B&A, his clients and his team is enough to make him one of the first into the office (he’s usually on his second cup of coffee by 6 a.m.). From there, his day consists of overseeing each active healthcare project and pursuit of new projects, as well as acting as the face of the division.

There’s no job too small or too big for Scott; he is more interested in doing high quality work, regardless of size or scope. His project management and savvy business development skills have allowed B&A to develop new relationships; including Rush Copley Medical Center, completing the 22,000 sq. ft. NICU addition, and NorthShore University HealthSystem, facilitating over ten buildouts for the organization’s clinic program to provide more community-based care.

Scott is consistently relied on for his ability to anticipate challenges and tailor solutions to resolve each problem. With the ability to articulate the most technical of construction techniques to his clients, design partners and teammates, he is viewed as a subject expert. His in-depth knowledge and quest for learning is further supported by his involvement in the Chicago Building Congress’ Discovery Group.

As much as he prioritizes his responsibilities as division leader, Scott prizes weekends and time away from his work. In fact, he’d much rather live on the water than land. He enjoys summer days on a boat with his family in Door County, WI or in the Atlantic Ocean off Jupiter Island, FL.

A proud Sooner, Scott has a Bachelor of Science in construction science from The University of Oklahoma.