Brendan Keane

Project Director

Brendan Keane

A perpetual go-getter and champion of a well thought-out plan, Brendan is well-regarded among his clients, peers and trade partners for leveraging his collaborative approach, critical-thinking skills and technical expertise to deliver successful projects. Specializing in hospitality, education and performance spaces, Brendan has been involved with some of B&A’s most complex and celebrated projects including Lincoln Park Zoo’s Searle Visitor Center and The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

Skillful at connecting with others as well as delivering results, Brendan fuses his technical background in engineering with strong interpersonal skills to help clients achieve the most with their resources. His exhaustive planning, ability to bring out the best in those contributing to the project and creative problem-solving bring value to every project under his purview.

A graduate of Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering, Brendan is enjoying the opportunity to pay it backwards, so to speak. He recently managed his alma mater, Chelsea Intermediate School’s addition and renovation project for Frankfort School District 157-C. He is energized by the chance to leverage his professional skills to benefit his own community.

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