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Women’s Group Collects Donations Supporting Non-profit New Moms

B&A team members Kerry Shy, Mary Michaelsen & Emily Wipperfurth strike a pose as they pack up donations destined for New Moms.

B&A’s Women’s Group is comprised of passionate individuals dedicated not only to the advancement of women in the construction industry but also to community service. In conjunction with Women in Construction Week, our team sought to contribute to women in need within our community, leading us to partner with New Moms, a Chicago-based organization we felt strongly aligned with our values.

New Moms is renowned for its comprehensive support services, including housing, vocational training, educational assistance and family support, all geared towards empowering individuals to overcome obstacles. This aligns perfectly with B&A’s values of empowerment, support and inclusivity in all our endeavors.

Thanks to the entire team at B&A, we were able to collect 30 items to donate to New Moms, ensuring that new mothers in our community receive crucial support during their time of need. We are incredibly proud of our team’s dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others.