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Oshkosh City Center Garage: Concrete and Waterproofing Repairs

Oshkosh City Center is a focal point of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. After decades of northern Wisconsin weather, the garage needed concrete repairs and waterproofing.

As part of a phased repair project, Bulley & Andrews Concrete Restoration (BACR), performed the needed repairs to the concrete garage including partial and full-depth concrete repairs and replacing expansion joints. One of the project’s challenges was removing and replacing columns and haunches in their entirety which required careful shoring during the process. The scope of the project also included the installation of a new traffic-bearing membrane and new steel brackets at floor joists.


Oshkosh City Center

Architect / Engineer

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.


Concrete Restoration Contractor


Oshkosh, Wisconsin


Concrete Restoration