Bob Elmore
Bob Elmore
Bob Elmore

Lake Point Tower Condominium Association

A standout structure, the 70-story, Y shaped, glass curtain walled Lake Point Tower is downtown Chicago’s only skyscraper east of Lake Shore Drive. In an effort to mirror the buildings interiors with its distinctive exterior, the Lake Point Tower Condo Association (LPTCA) undertook a renovation to update the resident corridors and elevator lobbies of floors four through 65.

The first stage of the project called for a single floor lobby and corridor mock-up to be constructed and approved before moving onto the general construction phase for the remaining floors. Bulley & Andrews completed the mock-up and subsequent 61-floor remodel, working on groups of floors at a time to minimize disruption to residents and ensure all work progressed according to schedule.

Upon completion, the dark corridors have been brightened and the residential quality of spaces has been improved. New LED lighting will increase light levels by 20% while connected electrical loads will be reduced by one third.


Lake Point Tower Condo Association

Architect / Engineer

WEA Design Inc. | Boeman Design


General Contractor


Chicago, IL




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