Photo courtesy of Antunovich Associates

DePaul University: Sasha & Eugene Jarvis Opera Hall

The second phase of the DePaul School of Music project includes the adaptive reuse of the existing concert hall (a former chapel) into a dedicated opera performance space. The chapel building was transformed with the following updates: a motorized, operable orchestra pit, a raised stage, tiered seating, lower level support spaces, enhanced acoustics throughout and an elaborate system of catwalks. To adapt the building to its new function, the interior was completely reworked and includes an elevated slab which supports:

  • A new, 160-seat, tiered audience chamber
  • A proscenium which creates a boundary between the stage, the orchestra pit and the audience chamber
  • A motorized orchestra pit, which gives the stage the flexibility required for each type of performance

In addition to these architectural improvements, the Opera Hall benefits from acoustically sensitive mechanical and plumbing systems. Controllable theatrical lighting and audio systems also allow for more immersive operatic performances.


DePaul University

Architect / Engineer

Antunovich Associates


Construction Manager


Chicago, IL