Central DuPage Hospital COVID-19 Isolation Room

Northwestern Medicine called on Bulley & Andrews to immediately begin building COVID-19 isolation rooms at Central DuPage Hospital. Within three hours of the call, B&A mobilized a 5-person crew and the team began the work that evening.

The scope of work included creating special isolation rooms on the second floor of the hospital’s existing ICU. B&A built anteroom entry areas to each of the rooms, set up edge guard walls to isolate areas within the rooms and placed negative air machines with temporary ductwork to the exterior windows. All return air grills were covered to ensure the exhaust air from these rooms did not mix into the existing hospital air systems. These rooms are now set for extreme negative pressure through the temporary HEPA filtration units that were placed in them. The air pressures are being monitored by OMNI Guard air monitors to provide a constant visual of the negative air status.


Northwestern Medicine


Construction Manager


Winfield, IL