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Cantigny Foundation: McCormick House Renovation

The project comprises the renovation of a mansion built in 1896 with additions from 1937, and previously, the mansion had been converted to serve as a museum. Renovations include upgrading structural elements, such as adding an elevator and stairs and other life safety as required to bring up to current code. The project also includes changes to upgrade the exhibit spaces and overall functionality of the mansion as well as upgrading the finishes to reflect the original intent of the building while supporting the new exhibit spaces.

In addition, the project also includes site upgrades to Cantigny Park, specifically around the house to add walkway paths, improve the reflecting pond, make changes to the driveway, improve access to the building and make general landscaping upgrades.

During the renovation B&A has uncovered unforeseen conditions including previously hidden structural components, changes to shoring and earth retention /underpinning adjustments.


Cantigny Foundation

Project Size

20,000 sq. ft.

Architect / Engineer

Vinci Hamp Architects


Construction Manager


Wheaton, IL


Historic Restoration


Historic Restoration