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Bulley & Andrews Celebrates 120 Years of Building History

In 1891, Frederick Bulley, a 21-year-old English stone mason, partnered with Alfred Andrews, an architect. Four generations and 120 years later, the modest, two man operation has become one of the most successful and well-respected general contracting firms in Chicago.

This year, Bulley & Andrews is proud to celebrate 120 years in business. The accomplished, family-owned and operated general contractor attributes this significant milestone to the strong foundation built decades ago on honesty, integrity and service in construction. The firm will celebrate the momentous occasion by hosting an open-house gathering for clients, partners and friends of the firm at the Chicago Club on Thursday, October 13, 2011.

Chairman and CEO, Allan E. Bulley, Jr., and President, Allan E. Bulley, III are the third and fourth generations, respectively, to lead Bulley & Andrews. Yet, family pride and commitment to the firm extends far beyond ownership.

“The past 120 years have brought about many changes for Bulley & Andrews, with each decade presenting its own challenges and fortunes,” said Allan E. Bulley, Jr. “While much has changed in our long history, in other ways, we haven’t changed at all. The work we perform remains physically demanding and mentally challenging. We still must prove ourselves, on every job we do.”

Today, Bulley & Andrews’ annual revenues exceed $210 million and the company employs approximately 70 project management and administrative staff as well as over 200 field personnel. As a self-performing contractor, B&A employs a number of tradesmen whose family histories with the organization span generations and include fathers, grandfathers, brothers and sisters, many of whom have been with the organization for over 25 years.

The firm maintains a regional focus in the Chicagoland area including new construction, renovation and restoration work in nearly every building market. Specialties include historical restoration, cleanroom and laboratory, high-end residential and masonry restoration, which often provide the opportunity for the firm to perform on a national level as well.

Significant events in the company’s history include the establishment of Bulley & Andrews Masonry Restoration, LLC, in 2005. Known as BAMR, the group oversees and performs all services necessary to maintain, protect and preserve a building’s exterior. Five years later, in 2010, Bulley & Andrews acquired the assets of Takao Nagai Associates to develop the subsidiary known as Takao Nagai Concrete Restoration. Their concrete repair and waterproofing expertise complements Bulley & Andrews’ extensive restoration experience.

Over the past 120 years, the company has built and restored many of Chicago’s most significant landmarks. Late in 1941, Bulley & Andrews was commissioned by the Atomic Energy Commission to build the laboratory space for the “Manhattan Project”. Located beneath Stagg Field at The University of Chicago, the project was built in complete secrecy. Decades later, Bulley & Andrews has helped to construct McDonald’s corporate campus in Oak Brook, Ill., restore Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Robie House and maintain and expand S&C Electric’s campus on the northside. The firm is currently building the world’s largest Ronald McDonald House in downtown Chicago.

To date, more than 75 percent of Bulley & Andrews’ work is earned from repeat clients. “Our high-level of performance has lead to client loyalty and repeat business, and we will strive to maintain that strong reputation going forward,” said Paul R. Hellermann, president & COO of Bulley & Andrews, LLC. “Dedication to client service, technical expertise and a strong relationship with the subcontractor community will remain central to our identity as we build for the future.”