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B&A Roster Includes ASA Chicago’s GC Outstanding Project Superintendent & Project Manager of the Year

B&A is gratified to see two of our talented colleagues recognized for their pursuit of excellence. Congratulations to Al Linstrom and Greg Jackowski for being awarded ASA Chicago’s Outstanding GC Project Superintendent and Project Manager of the year, respectfully.

Al Lindstrom | Senior Superintendent 

For someone new to one of Albert “Al” Lindstrom’s jobsites, he might be mistaken for a wilderness tour guide rather than the one in charge of field operations for the project.  Often seen donning an Elmer Fudd-style hat, a khaki jacket and driving a Prius, one might think there was a break in the line when the call was placed to central casting.

As a senior superintendent with Bulley & Andrews, Al is proof that first impressions can be deceiving.  Though he is an outdoor enthusiast (and animal lover- he once saved a cat on one of his jobsites and brought it home as a pet) he is every bit in his element on any construction site- the more complex, the better.

An industry veteran with nearly 30-years of experience, Al commands his worksites with quiet confidence, a solution-driven mindset and a spirit of comradery that helps all those who are contributing to the project reach their greatest potential.  Al is especially skilled at integrating various shop drawings into a completed structure while honoring the design intent and derives significant satisfaction in delivering a high-quality building knowing the client will use and enjoy the structure for decades to come.

Greg Jackowski | Senior Project Manager 

Combining strong coordination, a keen ability to see beyond the drawings and a solution-driven mentality, Greg Jackowski has earned an enviable reputation for delivering exceptional results in his role as senior project manager for Bulley & Andrews Residential + Restoration.

A carpenter by training, Greg is renowned for his team approach to executing sophisticated projects.  His unique brand of project management leverages acute attention to detail, a collaborative ethos, willingness to share his knowledge, and utmost respect for all who contribute to a project’s success.  This confluence allows him to tackle the most challenging projects while executing the smallest details.

Greg provides significant value at every stage of the project, ensuring it runs efficiently and exceeds Bulley & Andrews’ standards for excellence.   He has been involved with numerous high-end private residences which benefited from his extraordinary ability to analyze and resolve technical issues while honoring the design intent. 

With nearly 30 years of industry experience, Greg embraces the opportunity to work on complex projects that require tight tolerances and exacting execution.  From renovating historical structures to building new, modern residences, Greg accepts challenges and thrives in environments where he works as part of a collective.  He is generous with his time and skills and is renowned for offering valuable tutelage to young professionals and seasoned colleagues alike.  His depth of experience is a benefit to all who have had the good fortune to work alongside him.