Private Residence

Bulley & Andrews orchestrated the interior buildout of a masionette in a belle-epoque styled high-rise designed by Lucien LaGrange. 

Located in Chicago’s Goldcoast neighborhood, the 5,700 SF project evokes the same “character, soul and authenticity” of the couple’s former Northshore residence while achieving the convenience of proxmity to their social circle.

Completed in 10 months, the project required a high-level of coordination in order to address both ends of the residential building spectrum: technically sophicated issues and challenging aesthetic details.  Extensive mechanical systems were reworked in order to fit into a very constraint space while lavishly carved custom-made crown moldings, meticously paneled walls and Parquet de Versailles floors complete the elegantly detailed space.



Project Size


Engineer / Architect

Robert A.M. Stern Architects


General Contractor

Project Location

Chicago, IL