Bulley & Andrews’ team includes six members of executive management, seven business unit leaders, 110 project management and administrative staff as well as 100+ field personnel.

Each member of our senior management team has a multi-dimensional background including academics, field operations, project management and estimating. Our field management team of experienced superintendents has a substantial background in the building trades.

Executive chairman, Allan E. Bulley, Jr., and chairman and CEO Allan E. Bulley, III are the third and fourth generations, respectively, to lead Bulley & Andrews. Yet family pride and commitment to the firm extend far beyond ownership. Now in its 127th year, B&A employs a number of tradesmen whose families’ relationships with the organization span generations, and include fathers, grandfathers, brothers and sisters, many of whom have been with B&A for 25+ years.

Executive Management

  • Allan E. Bulley, Jr.

    Executive Chairman
    B.S., Brown University
    61 years experience

  • Allan E. Bulley, III

    Chairman & CEO
    B.A., Yale University
    M.B.A., Northwestern University
    31 years experience

  • Mark D. Evans, LEED AP

    President, Construction & Client Solutions
    B.S., Loyola University
    35 years experience

  • Timothy Puntillo

    B.S., Purdue University
    M.B.A., Northwestern University
    22 years of experience

  • Michael W. Sudol

    Vice President, Finance & Administration
    B.S., Eastern Illinois University
    M.B.A., Loyola University
    26 years experience

  • Patrick J. Healy

    Vice President, Business Development
    B.S., University of Maine
    M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology
    33 years experience