Monroe Building

Rooted in the simplicity of a time when construction practices relied on horses, ropes and pulleys, and laborers who were paid in cash daily, Bulley & Andrews keeps its ties to tradition while staying at the vanguard of innovation, technology and best practices in the field of construction.

Since our founding in 1891, the firm has expanded on its legacy, evolving into a leading, cutting-edge construction company with a regional focus and national reach.  With offices in Chicago and Indianapolis and a staff poised to react to best serve our clients geographically, we have both the depth and breadth of experience to respond to our client’s building needs regardless of the scope.

Bulley & Andrews is built upon a sense of responsibility and a dedication to balancing service and product, even within the most ambitious timelines. The firm never shies away from rolling up its sleeves, focusing on the drawings and getting the job done.  However, it also places a premium on looking up and around, making sure to keep perspective on the total scope of the client’s needs and motivations.  This level of attention and dedication ensures each project Bulley & Andrews completes stands as the full realization of our clients’ respective visions.